Kids going to the dentist

We Make Your Trip To The Dentist Easier

You may be one of those who does not look forward to a dentist appointment. Perhaps you have avoided the dentist for reasons of fear or a lack of understanding. We understand your fear of discomfort, and strive to make each visit as pleasant as possible. With so many technology advances available today, most procedures have little or no pain. Even though dental rooms can look scary, education and entertainment are distractions we use to calm nerves and remove apprehensions. 

Dentist for the whole family

We have three methods of distraction that kids and adults enjoy.

  1. Movies for dental roomChildren's movies are available for viewing upon request. A monitor is positioned near the ceiling in every dental room to make it easy to watch while lying in our dentist chair. When you arrive, ask our receptionist to start a movie for your child and it will begin playing in the waiting room and continue into the dental room. 
        "Entertainment is a popular distraction, even for us adults" 
  2. Dentist smile channelOur 'Smile Channel' provides videos with fun characters who are introduced to a dentist. They discover the purpose of going to a dentist, how they help give them a healthy smile, and why protecting teeth and gums is important. Several unique animals such as a dog and fish play the part of a child going on an adventure to the dental office.
        "Relating is a comforting distraction for children who do not understand" 
  3. Procedural videos that help you understand dental options. Not sure what you should do? After viewing the instructional videos, you will have a better understanding of the available procedures and more confidence in your choice.

        "Education is a helpful distraction when you want to make a good choice"