Dental Cleaning Services

A Dental cleaning provides you with a clean, healthy mouth. At Dr.Gosain's dental office, his team of experienced and dedicated dental hygienists provide non-surgical gum therapy for our patients.

Dental CleaningIt is very important to have your teeth professionally cleaned at prescribed intervals to maintain good oral hygiene and to prevent or control existing periodontal disease. If gum disease is not controlled, it can have adverse effects on your body which can lead to other complications.
Studies show that maintaining good oral health helps maintain/control diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disorders, and premature labour, to name a few.

Screening For Oral Cancer

Oral cancer screening is performed on all of our patients at every appointment. Dr.Gosain and his hygienists give your mouth a thorough exam every time you sit in our chair. If you have any questions regarding the oral cancer screening, please feel free to ask us.
Home care is reviewed with every client at each appointment.  We review what type of brush to purchase, flossing and brushing techniques to use, other oral aids to help reduce gum disease, type of rinses to use, and even types of chewing gum to help with your oral health. Every patient gets a customized preventative oral health program which is reviewed and/or modified at each appointment.

Dr. Gosain and his dental hygienists will gather information on your oral health at each appointment to decide on how often you should have your dental cleanings. Some patients return after 3 months for cleanings, while others may return after 6 months. This is very patient specific and is based on the patient's oral health needs.

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