Dental Care For Kids

Dental Care for Kids

We are pleased to offer dental care for kids that makes visits to our office fun and educational for children.

Our goal at Gosain Dental is to teach all children the importance of proper oral care. The Canadian Dental Association suggests that children get their first dental check up at the age of one.

Dr.Gosain and his staff will look at the child's age and developmental abilities to develop a home care routine specific to them. Our goal is for children to have fewer cavities, fewer dental phobias, greater self-esteem and more control of their oral health.

Your Child's First Visit...

At the child's initial visit, we will introduce them to the staff, the rooms, and our tools. We use models, intraoral cameras, and movies to engage and motivate the children on keeping their mouth healthy.

At subsequent cleaning visits, we assess the child's oral health status, and make any modifications necessary to their home care.

Our ultimate goal is to have all children enjoy their dental visits.

Contact us today to make an appointment for your child or to ask us any questions you might have!

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